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Personalization / Individualization

We gladly offer many personalization options for all of our RFID media products (extract):

- Individual printing (Offset CMYK, silkscreen, laser print)
- Logo printing (print, embossing, debossing)
- Photo personalisation (thermo print)
- Barcode- / QR-Code printing (static, dynamic)
- UID number printing or lasering / engraving
- Individual ID / Serial number printing or lasering / engraving
- Signature panel
- TRW foil
- HF, NFC, and UHF chip encoding
- Magnetic stripe encoding

Your desired personalisation option isn’t named above? Please contact us, we can realise many more.


Besides our personalization of products, we will also support your unique product innovation: We cooperatively develop an individual RFID transponder design following your ideas, to present your brand on an exclusive, selected and privileged space.